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Data Loading & Service Desk Support

We can load, manage and integrate seismic, well, interpretation, and  cultural data in the following application environments: Petrel, Studio, ArcGIS, OpenWorks, DecisionSpace Desktop, OpenSpirit, Kingdom, Petrosys and Blueback. Where additional resources are required Latitude can provide operational data management support to help clients maintain consistent levels of service delivery.

Data Audit & Data Governance

Whether you are preparing your data for migration to another platform or simply wish to perform a health check of your existing data environment, Latitude has a wealth of expertise in helping its clients understand the quantity and quality of their projects and associated data so that the appropriate action can be taken to ensure compliance with company data governance standards.

Data Clean-up & Rationalisation

Regular project house-keeping is essential in order to maintain a fully-functional data environment. Data quality is particularly important if migrating data to another application or database. Latitude understands the impact on business users if data is not cleaned sufficiently and cannot be migrated as a result. Latitude can perform efficient and effective cleanup of your projects to improve the data quality & reliability.

GIS Consultancy

Latitude consistently looks for opportunities to add value to consultancy engagements by using ArcGIS for the visualisation, analysis, and management of project data held in E&P datastores. Latitude can provide the following GIS services to help clients overcome common data integration challenges: data re-formatting & conversion, map georeferencing & digitisation, and data projection & transformation.

Training & Knowledge Transfer

Investment in training is essential if companies want to fully leverage the benefits of existing and new software packages. Provision of training is especially important during the transition to new application and data environments to ensure that new working practices are successfully adopted.  Latitude has expertise in the development and delivery of training courses that are tailored to meet their client’s needs.

Our Services

Specialists in data migration

Latitude has a proven track record and strong reputation in supporting large software deployments and data migration projects such OpenWorks R2003 to R5000 project upgrades and OpenWorks R5000 data migrations to Petrel and Studio.

Data Migration

How can we help?

As either a part-time subject matter expert or a full-time technical resource, Latitude can add significant value to your data migration project by ensuring that you have the right technical expertise and guidance to avoid the typical lessons learned and also make sure that best practices are followed which contribute towards a successful project deployment.

Our data migration services

- Lessons Learned & Knowledge Transfer

- Project Planning & Execution

- Data Assessment & Inventory

- Data Cleanup & Rationalisation

- Data Archival & Backup

- Data Copying

- Future Data Environment Design

- Dry Run Testing & Pilot Projects

- Data Migration & Project Upgrades

- Post-Migration Data Quality Control

- Post-Migration Project & Data Monitoring

- Operational Data Management Support

- Training Course Development & Delivery

- Work Instruction Documentation

If your organisation is contemplating rationalising its software portfolio which will involve the transcription of existing data to Petrel & Studio please do contact us to discuss how we can support you further.